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Simon & Patrick Guitars

Manufactured by renowned luthier Robert Godin in La Patrie, Canada, Simon & Patrick guitars represent some of the best value instruments available today. The emphasis is very much on sound quality, rather than spending the money on glitzy appearance. They play well above their price, so don't be fooled, they are to be taken seriously!

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Unique Features of Simon & Patrick Guitars

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The S&P neck attachment system ensures consistent neck pitch and provides superb neck/body energy transfer

Sides made from three layers of laminated hardwood

Real wood rosette is inlaid into top.

Showcase Series feature solid wood backs

Rosewood bridge is glued on bare wood - not over finish

Compensated saddle - S&P guitars play beautifully 'in tune' all over the neck

Simon & Patrick Guitars - features

High Ratio, sealed machine heads.

Honduras Mahogany neck is supported by an advanced truss rod system, allowing the neck to be reduced to a very comfortable thickness while maintaining stability.

The solid spruce (or cedar) tops produce an excellent sound table, and improve with age.

A genuine lacquer finish provides protection without inhibiting vibration.

Diagram reproduced with kind permission of Godin Guitars.

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Body Shapes & Sizes

Originally, Simon & Patrick guitars were only available in a "Dreadnought" body size.  More recently they have started producing guitars in three new shapes - "Folk", "Mini Jumbo" and "Parlor" - to cater for a wider range of tastes.All Simon and Patrick guitars feature a 24.84" scale length and a 1.72" nut width.  We've included some other measurements in the table below to give you an idea of the guitars' size - if you're not sure what these measurements mean, take a look at our help and advice section on guitar measurements.

Picture Body Shape and Description Upper Bout Lower Bout Body Length Body Depth
Crafter's D (Dreadnought) body shape Dreadnought

A large, square body shape, with a big powerful sound that's great for strumming.
Simon & Patrick 'Folk' body shape Folk

A smaller-bodied guitar, with a tighter sound that's popular with finger-pickers. Many players also find this shape more comfortable, because of the narrower 'waist'.
Simon & Patrick 'MJ' (Mini Jumbo) body shape Jumbo

A larger body size than the dreadnought, but with a narrower waist. A good all-rounder.
Simon & Patrick 'Parlor' body shape Parlor (Parlour)

A small, narrow-bodied guitar with a 12th fret neck-body joint. Popular with fingerstyle / blues players.

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Models, Woods and Finishes

Simon & Patrick Woodland Series guitars"Woodland" Series Guitars

With solid sitka spruce or solid cedar tops, Simon & Patrick's "Woodland" series guitars feature the usual superb construction quality and value-for-money that we've come to expect from the Godin factory.The light, satin lacquer finish on these guitars allows the wood to vibrate more freely, and gives them a very natural appearance.  A wide range of body sizes, with optional cutaways and B-Band pickups available on most models.

Simon & Patrick Vintage Burst Series guitars"Vintage Burst" Series Guitars

Essentially the same as the "Woodland" series guitars, but with an attractive high-gloss sunburst finish, and offset by a cream coloured soundhole rosette and soundboard binding.Sound-wise, the heavier finish means that they lose a little of the Woodland series' raw edge, although underneath they are essentially the same guitars, with solid cedar tops on all models, with optional B-Band electronics.

Simon & Patrick Showcase Series guitars"Showcase" Series Guitars

Previously known as the Pro Series, these are Simon & Patrick's top-of-the-range models, featuring solid backs (rosewood, mahogany and maple) with solid spruce tops.Available with an optional AER blender system pickup Sheehans don't normally keep any Showcase models in stock, but we can order them for you - this usually takes around 1-2 weeks. Please contact our acoustic guitar department if you'd like more information.

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Models currently available from Simon and Patrick:

Simon & Patrick Guitars - Models, Tonewoods & Specifications
Model Body Shape Top Back & Sides Cutaway 12-Str Other
Woodland Spruce Dreadnought Spruce Wild Cherry      
Woodland CW Spruce Dreadnought Spruce Wild Cherry Y    
Woodland Mahogany Spruce Dreadnought Spruce Mahogany      
Woodland 12 Spruce Dreadnought Spruce Wild Cherry   Y  
Woodland Cedar Dreadnought Cedar Wild Cherry      
Woodland CW Cedar GT Dreadnought Cedar Wild Cherry Y   GT*
Woodland 12 Cedar Dreadnought Cedar Wild Cherry   Y  
Woodland Folk Cedar Folk Cedar Wild Cherry      
Woodland CW Folk Folk Cedar Wild Cherry Y    
Woodland Mini Jumbo Mini Jumbo Cedar Wild Cherry      
Woodland CW Mini Jumbo GT Mini Jumbo Cedar Wild Cherry Y   GT*
Woodland Parlor Parlor Spruce Wild Cherry      
Vintage Burst Cedar HG Dreadnought Cedar Wild Cherry      
Vintage Burst 12 Cedar HG Dreadnought Cedar Wild Cherry   Y  
Vintage Burst CW Cedar HG Dreadnought Cedar Wild Cherry Y    
Vintage Burst Folk Cedar HG Folk Cedar Wild Cherry      
Vintage Burst Parlor Cedar HG Parlor Cedar Wild Cherry      
Showcase Mahogany** Dreadnought Spruce Mahogany      
Showcase Flame Maple** Dreadnought Spruce Flame Maple      
Showcase Rosewood** Dreadnought Spruce Rosewood      
Showcase CW Flame Maple** Dreadnought Spruce Flame Maple Y    
Showcase CW Rosewood** Dreadnought Spruce Rosewood Y    
Showcase Folk Rosewood** Folk Spruce Rosewood      

*GT - "Gloss Top" models have a gloss finish top, with satin finish on the back, sides and neck, and are avilable with a B-Band A3.2 pickup only.  All other models in the Woodland and Vintage Burst series are available with or without a B-Band A3.2 pickup.

**All models in the Showcase series are available with with or without AER Electronics.

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Pickups & PreAmps

B-Band A3.2 PreAmp - control panelB-Band A3.2 Pickup System

All electro-acoustics in Simon & Patrick's "Woodland" and "Vintage Burst" series now come fitted with the B-Band A3.2 pickup system.  This active under-saddle pickup system features a sleek, unobtrusive control panel, with controls for volume, bass, mid, treble and presence.

  • Unique ultra-thin pickup element
  • 4-band EQ & Volume controls
  • Powered by 1 x PP3 battery (internally mounted)
  • Low battery LED indicator

AER PickupAER Electronics

Audio Electric Research, the makers of high quality AER amps and speakers, have produced this new, high-quality acoustic pickup system, available as an optional extra on Simon & Patrick's "Showcase" series guitars.

Using two discreet rotary controls hidden inside the guitar's sound hole, the system allows you to blend the sound of the under-saddle piezo pickup with that of a small, internally-mounted condenser microphone.  So, with the low feedback performance of the piezo pickup, and the natural acoustic sound of the microphone, you can have the best of both worlds!

Click here to shop for Simon & Patrick Guitars in our online store.

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