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Vonhatski Purelight 50w 2x12 Combo Guitar Amp

Vonhatski Purelight 50w 2x12 Combo Guitar Amp
The Purelight 1206 50 Watt Dual Rectifier Valve Combo. This is the only UK built Dual Rectifier type amplifier on the market, the versatility of this thing really is astounding. Featuring solid wooden construction, heavy duty handles, laser cut aluminium logo, slick minimalistic design and a pair of Celestion Vintage 30 12 speakers, this amp is sure to impress.

It's packed with versatile features, like half power switching to get saturated distortion tones out of it at a much more friendly volume (this thing will seriously blow your face off if you crank it) a Hi and Low gain input, pure boost to crisp up your clean channel and a dirty boost to add some serious grit to your gain channel. It can also be switched from valve rectification to solid state rectification (you might ask why you'd want this, I'll explain) giving the option of this is great for all you metal heads out there, even though the valve rectification will give you the most crisp analogue warm sounding cleans as well as a very open and free sounding distortion channel, it does relax your pick attack a little, because everything is being processed through a valve diode it takes actual heat based reactions to engage your tone, with the option of a silicone diode to rectify your valves it takes away this problem for all you super fast triplet pickers out there whose valves just can't keep up with them.

The silicone diode adds an aggressive, sharp, immediate pick attack that's just that little bit tighter, for most other types of music the valve rectifier will give you a superior tone, but no one ever got hurt by added versatility! Besides that you also have a stereo valve buffered FX loop, and valve driven reverb tank (that sounds absolutely cavernous).

You also have a filter control on your dirty channel (which is essentially a mid sweep control), a line out and a whole heap of possible cab ohm outputs! In addition to that you have pretty much all of the valves in the world working away in the back of your trusty Purelight (which to be exact are 2x 12AT7s, 4x 12AX7s, 4x EL34s, 2x GZ34s for all us valve nerds).

All in all, this really is the perfect amp for the studio and live, it's got the tone and the power to melt faces live and the refinement and versatility to keep you locking away those titan tones in the studio, a must for the professional and the amateur guitarist alike.

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