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Lowden Guitars

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A Brief Introduction to Lowden Guitars

Celebrating their 40th Anniversary anyone who has ever held a Lowden knows that they are among the most exceptional instruments available in the world today. Lowden guitars are hand built in Ireland by a dedicated team of craftsmen working with George Lowden.

The sound and construction quality of Lowden's guitars is always superb. In this high tech age, we come to expect this from the big producers, but this consistently high standard from the smaller builders is harder to find.

Every Lowden guitar across the range is shaped and voiced by hand from the finest materials, to exacting specifications. With only a limited number of these beautiful instruments being made, the current models are sure to become the collectors' items of tomorrow!

The Lowden Shapes

Lowden Guitar Body Shapes

The Original Series Lowden

Lowden O22 Acoustic Guitar  - Online Store First developed in 1976 with the O shape George has since added the F and S models. Other than that very little has changed. Specification
  • ‘Dolphin’ profile soundboard bracing for Lowden voicing
  • 5 piece neck with ebony bound fingerboard
  • Gotoh 503 machineheads
  • Bone top nut and saddle
  • All solid AAA grade tonewoods
  • All wood bindings and purflings and rosette
  • Split two piece saddle for accurate tuning
All the original series models use high grade solid AAA timbers for the top, back and sides, ensuring that the sound of the instrument will improve considerably with age - anyone who has played a Lowden that is a few years old will tell you just how good they can sound! The table below shows which woods are used to make each model - click on a wood for more information on its tonal properties.


Model Soundboard Back & Sides Shape/Size
22 Cedar Mahogany O
23 Cedar Claro Walnut O,F
25 Cedar Indian Rosewood O,F,S
32 Sitka Spruce Indian Rosewood O,F,S

Lowden Guitars- The 35 Series

The 35 series offers the player even more choice with a wide variety of tone woods each with their own unique voice and tonal characteristics.


  • AAAA grade tonewoods
  • Abalone and wood rosette
  • Hand mitred purfling joints on sides and back
  • Wood bound ebony fingerboard
  • The superb Gotoh 510 series gold/ebony machineheads
  • Choice of various figured tonewoods including
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