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Guitar Repairs

Every guitar sold at Sheehans undergoes the same rigorous quality control and setup procedure, from the least expensive beginners' models through to the very highest quality instruments. This includes setting the neck profile, nut height, saddle height and saddle profile, dressing / stoning the frets where necessary, checking the intonation and making sure any on-board electronics are working perfectly. If a guitar can't be set up to our high standards, we won't sell it!

We also set-up and repair customers' instruments. Common jobs include nut, saddle and machine head replacements, refretting, body damage, broken headstocks, rewiring and cosmetic repairs. A comprehensive pickup fitting service is available on all stringed instruments including acoustic guitars, classical guitars, banjos, mandolins, violins, violas and cellos.

If you have an enquiry about guitar repairs or pickup fitting, please telephone 0800 043 1022 and ask for our guitar repairs department.

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Guitar Setups

Setup  Cost Description
Standard £60 Includes nut, saddle and truss rod adjustment; minor fretwork as necessary; oil fingerboard, check machineheads, fit new strings. Light clean & polish.
Intermediate  £80 As above but including some fret dressing and reprofiling. Bear in mind that guitars with visible fret wear with require at least an intermediate setup.
Premier £110 As standard, plus full fret dressing and reprofiling. Extra time is allowed to bring the guitar back to its best possible playing action.
Locking tremolo  +£20 Add £20 to standard, intermediate and premier prices.

Common Repair Jobs

Here's a rough guide to how we price repairs or upgrades that we do the most. However, if you have a more custom request, don't be afraid to ask!

Guitar New Nut New Saddle New Compensated Saddle
6-string £35 £35 £60
6-string with setup £30 £30 £45
12-string £60 £35 £80
12-string with setup £30 £30 £57

Acoustic Pickups

Fit undersaddle pickups from £55 with onboard EQ from £95

Machine Head Fitting (plus cost of machine heads and strings)

6-string £25

12-string £45

Complete refrets

Unbound from £180, maple neck £220

Bound from £210, Rickenbacker etc £250

Broken headstocks

from £120

Replacement bridge

from £170

Neck Resets

from £400


Neck only from £150

Complete from £250

Sunburst from £300


Most restrings can be done while you wait, however you can drop your instrument off and leave it with us if you prefer.

Instrument  Restring
6-string  £12
Bass  £10
12 string  £18
Classical  £16
With floating tremolo system  £16
Mandolin & other 8-string  £16
Single string  £4

Brands we stock include...

  • Guild Guitars
  • Veelah Guitars
  • Eastman Guitars
  • Godin Guitars
  • Lakewood Guitars
  • Faith Guitars many more!

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