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40 Point Check and Setup

Every guitar we sell goes through a strict 40 point check and setup by our highly-trained and experienced technicians.


It's simple: we want every guitar to arrive in your hands in its best condition possible, and this process ensures that it does.

The main point in the process is the setup. In theory, all guitars should be set up perfectly when they leave the factory - however - in our experience, very few of the guitars delivered to our shop arrive in this condition.

There are several reasons for this:



Why do new guitars need to be checked & set up?

1. Poor factory setups

Setting up a guitar properly takes skill and time, but factory setups (particularly on lower-priced instruments) are done as quickly as possible, to keep the manufacturer's labour costs down. Often the manufacturer will cut corners, and sometimes mistakes are made that don't get picked up by the factory's quality control department.

2. Moisture / Humidity

Wood is a volatile material that expands when it's wet, and contracts when it's dry. Most acoustic guitars are made of several different species of wood, with different densities and grain patterns, and different degrees of reaction to moisture. If the humidity of the environment in which the guitar is stored changes at any point, it can have a noticeable effect on the set up.

3. Transport and storage times

Nowadays, most guitars - particularly lower-priced instruments - are made in the far east, mainly China, South Korea, Indonesia and Taiwan. Some are sent by air freight, but most arrive in the UK on cargo ships, after a journey taking several weeks. They then wait in an importer/wholesaler's warehouse until they are ordered by a shop. During this time, the tension of the strings and the truss rod in the neck can cause the geometry of the guitar to move around, even if the temperature and humidity are kept constant.

So, even if a guitar was set up perfectly at the factory where it was made (and not all of them are), there's no guarantee that it will arrive at a shop in the UK in this condition. In our experience, almost all the guitars that are delivered to our shop need some work doing to them before they can go on sale. Every other point in the process makes sure the guitar is absolutely perfect when purchased. If that is not enough and to ensure complete confidence, every guitar we sell comes with our exclusive 5 year warranty.


The process

  1. Check & adjust truss rod
  2. Check & adjust nut height
  3. Check nut slots
  4. Check & adjust saddle height
  5. Check saddle slots
  6. Check frets for any issues

  1. Check for buzz on open strings
  2. Check for buzz on individual strings
  3. Play extreme bends
  4. Play a few styles, scales and chords
  5. Stretch strings and retune
  6. Check intonation with strobe tuner
  7. Any issues return to setup

  1. Test onboard tuner
  2. Test preamp
  3. Check for noiseless pot and switch operation
  4. Check the height of pickups
  5. Check piezo
  6. Check and test bespoke switching
  7. Check push pull pots

  1. Check jack for tight fit
  2. Check jack nut
  3. Check strap button
  4. Check machine heads for correct operation
  5. Check tremolo

  1. Polish body and recheck
  2. Polish neck and headstock, recheck
  3. Check case for original contents

  1. Strap
  2. Polishing cloth
  3. End pin
  4. Manual
  5. Tremolo Arm
  6. Sound hole cover
  7. Certificates
  8. Picks
  9. Cable
  10. Scracthplate
  11. Strings
  12. Strap locks

Brands we stock include...

  • Guild Guitars
  • Veelah Guitars
  • Eastman Guitars
  • Godin Guitars
  • Lakewood Guitars
  • Faith Guitars many more!

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