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Yamaha A1R Acoustic Guitar
Fender American Vintage
Yamaha APX500 Dark Red Sunburst
Fender Sonoran Electro Cutaway Black
Yamaha HS5 Monitor
Yamaha P35 Black
Yamaha DTX400 Drum Kit
ESP LTD EC -331 Guitar Black
ESP-LTD B-5E Bass Guitar
G&L Tribute Classic
Yamaha TRBX174 Bass Guitar
TC Electronics Vortex Flanger
Yamaha Pacifica 012
Tascam DR40 Handheld Recorder
Tascam DP24 24 Track Recorder
Audio Technica ATHM 30X Headphones
Digitech Death Metal
Fender Classic Player Jag
Fender CP100 Acoustic
Tanglewood T3 Acoustic Amp

Serious About Choice

  • A huge selection of instruments, accessories and printed music – in-store and online
  • The world’s top brands and hard-to-find items all at competitive prices
  • Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, violins, pianos, woodwind, brass, folk & ethnic instruments and much more

Serious About Quality

  • All our instruments are set up and inspected by our own qualified technicians.
  • We only stock high quality instruments from brands we know we can trust.
  • If an instrument doesn’t meet our rigorous quality standards, we won’t sell it.

Serious About Service

  • A 5 year guarantee on every new instrument we sell.
  • On-site repair workshops with our own highly skilled technicians.
  • Our sales staff are experienced musicians who can offer you honest & credible advice.



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